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Dre Baldwin's next In-person Event: Work On Your Game LIVE 
February 3-4, 2023 | Miami, FL

Spend 2 Days In Miami And Come Away With A Clear Plan Of Action And A Long-Term Revenue Strategy – So You Can Stop Overworking Yourself (And Doing Everything BY Yourself)

two days with Dre Baldwin in miami covering Mindset, Strategy, Systems & Execution for you & your business

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From: Dre Baldwin 

Miami, FL

A lot of people think success in life is a meritocracy: based on who is the best, hardest-working, smartest or most-deserving. 


although you should be good at what you do, work hard and be smart, that's NOT what makes you win in business. here's what business actually is... 

1. Mental-ocracy: The strongest mindset
2. Strateg-ocracy: The best strategy
3. System-ocracy: The best System
4. Polit-ocracy: the best network / relationships

There are 4 specific things you see in every successful person OR business...

• an unbreakable, "Bulletproof" Mindset
• clear plans of action 
• operating by systems
• consistent execution

these are not brand new ideas... so, Question: why do so few people have all four in their lives or businesses?

Because many people: 

1) Don't know where to begin...
2) Try to do it on their own (and fail)... 
3) Think they can get by without them...
4) Believe they are the exception who's different...

the good news: this can be EASILY fixed. but it requires a Shift in mindset. 

    • The most successful people are not "self made." They use other people, and let other people use them. 
    • You don't need to know where to begin – you connect with those who've already done it and borrow their brains. 
    • Success leaves clues – following these clues, rather than trying to reinvent the wheel, is a smart approach.
    • You can be different in your own way – but DON'T be different in mastering the fundamentals!  

anyone who's worked with us will tell you: Work On Your Game is ALL about mastering Mindset, Strategy, Systems & Execution. The more people we serve, the better we do:

     • Everyone who comes through our world builds on a foundation of a Bulletproof Mindset. 
     • We create clear plans of action. 
     • Systems are implemented to do the heavy lifting.
     • Because of these, execution is easy, duplicatable, and predictable.

This is why everyone who works with us makes progress. It's not by being geniuses or out-working the world. 

It's our PROCESS

TRUTH: high-level performers have consistent inputs and duplicatable processes that lead to predictable results. 

they are NOT the hardest-working or the smartest people in the room. 

They're playing a different game than everyone else.

In Other Words, Their strategies and systems make the game easier for them than it is for most people. 

But, you may ask, “HOW, Dre? How do I put this stuff into action? How do I put my skills and ideas into a process that produces a real return consistently?

Good question. 

Here’s the answer: Go to where the people who are doing it already congregate

Where is that? 

    • Live events. 
    • Conferences. 
    • Masterminds and Coaching Programs. 

Have you ever heard the phrase "the rich get richer, and the poor get poorer"? This is why. People who play at a high level do high-level things... and everyone else does low-level stuff. So the gap widens – Every. Single. Day. 

The way my mind works, I'm always looking for the process: How can I take this idea and codify it, such that I can use it over and over again to get results? 

I'm not looking for ways to work harder or get smarter. I'm looking for a plan, and a repeatable way to execute on that plan. 

Then I teach my students all the stuff that I've learned. That's what I've been doing since 2005, and how I've reached over 80 million people between books, courses, events, coaching, and content. 

not because I'm a genius. Because I have a system

Think about it: Why are Amazon, Nike, Google and Apple so successful? If you've been to one of their stores (or website), you've dealt with people working there who can't be much smarter or harder-working than you.

It's not the people. It's the PROCESS. 

This is what the top businesses do. 

They have systems and processes that any person can execute. The people matter, but it's the systems that do the heavy lifting.

    • Clear steps. 
    • Consistent execution. 
    • Predictable results. 

Winners have systems that make execution easy. I don't teach "hard work." I implement systems that do the hard work. 

That’s why you need to be in Miami for Work On Your Game LIVE. 

Not because I’m so great (though you know my material is all substance and no fluff – always)... 

 but because of what you’ll get AND who you'll meet. 

    • Entrepreneurs. 
    • Serious professionals. 
    • People who understand the value of investing in themselves. 
    • Those who are not ok with the status quo and WANT to improve. 
    • The type of people who want to meet people like YOU

I know everyone who’s coming. I know what they do. I know who needs to meet who. 

You Want systems, Connections and A Network.  So get your ticket, and i'll see you in miami.

Work On Your Game LIVE:

miami, FL | February 3-4
  • Work On Your Game LIVE will help you Have a Bulletproof Mindset...
  • Work On Your Game LIVE will give you a Clear Strategy For Achieving Your Goals...
  • Work On Your Game LIVE will help you Implement Systems For Executing Your Plans... 
  • Work On Your Game LIVE will have you Producing Results Consistently...
  • Work On Your Game LIVE will be your opportunity to connect with like-minded people for two whole days... 

reserve your seat...

2 full days in miami, Florida with 
Dre Baldwin...

This is a LIVE in-person event (no live-streaming).  Show up ready to take your game to where it deserves to be! If you have questions, see the FAQ on this page where we answer everything. 

When You attend this breakthrough, life-changing event... Here Are A Few Of The Secrets You'll Discover...

  • The 5 Forms Of Investment [Day 1]
  • Systematizing Your Business & Life [Day 2]
  • Building and Leveraging Strategic Relationships [Day 1] 
  • Mastering "The Third Day" and Making Discipline A Strength [Day 1]
  • Become A "Level 10" Person And Get "Level 10" People Around You [Day 1]
  • How To Create and Leverage Attention [Day 2]
  • What To Do With The First & Last 10 Minutes Of Your Day [Day 1]
  • ​The 5-Step System Of Business & Brand Building [Day 2]
  • Building Your "Bulletproof Mindset" [Day 1]
  • How to Craft A Sound Strategy [Day 1]
  • What Exactly Makes a "System," And How to Use Yours [Day 2]
  • Executing Consistently [Even On Your Long Days] [Day 2]
  • Mastering Concentration & Focus [And Using It Every Day] [Day 2]
  • Communicating Your Value To The Public  [Day 2]
  • The Biggest Problems To Address AFTER You're Making Money [Day 1]
  • Why To NOT "Try Harder" To Address Your Challenges [Day 2]

What Are Others Already Saying About Dre Baldwin & Work On Your Game LIVE?

See for yourself... 

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Bonus #1 - 10 Things To STOP Doing In Your Life

"How To get stop wasting your time on things that simply don't work!"

Total Value: $97.00

When you get your seat at Work On Your Game LIVE, I’m going to give you bonus training that you can start consuming now, ahead of the event. 

The first bonus is a 30 minute MasterClass I made for a large audience of talented people like you who need to eliminate some bad habits that are holding you back – with this, you'll know what they are and why.

Get This For FREE When You Reserve Your Seat At Work On Your Game LIVE Today! 

Bonus #2 - 5 Rules I'd Give Myself 20 Years Ago

"What i'd do differently knowing what i know now!"

Total Value: $97.00

The next is a presentation from me, sharing concepts that would've helped me A LOT if I'd known them sooner.  Lucky for you, I know them now and will share them here.

So this MasterClass explains several tips and tricks I wish someone had put me onto years ago. So you will be way ahead of the curve (and ahead of most people).

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Bonus #3 - How To Pace Yourself When Pursuing Goals

"How To have guaranteed long-term success!"

Total Value: $97.00

The next bonus, is my simple framework for what you MUST do to be consistent while still performing at a high level; which means you'll finally be performing to your full potential

I know that's what you want because you're here. This exclusive MasterClass lays it all out for you. 

Get This For FREE When You Reserve Your Seat At Work On Your Game LIVE Today! 

Bonus #4 - How To Manage Your Frustrations And Direct Your Energy Strategically

"how to take roadblocks in stride & keep going!"

Total Value: $97.00

And last, we have to make sure that you have the Mental Toughness to keep pushing for success even when things are not working in your favor -- because professional life is not all fun & games. 

This presentation will show you how to develop the mentality that you really NEED and WANT -- ESPECIALLY WHEN things are going "left" in life.

Get This For FREE When You Reserve Your Seat At Work On Your Game LIVE Today! 

Bonus #5 - How To Know When Your Work Is Working

"how to measure your work and know what to do more (and less) of!"

Total Value: $97.00

And an added bonus... you never want to use resources on something that isn't  going to produce a return. Time goes quickly and doesn't wait for you to figure it out -- life simply moves on without you. You need to make sure you're doing the right work NOW. 

With this, you will know exactly how to measure what you're doing to see if it's worth the effort TODAY -- which means your time and energy use is optimized. 

Get This For FREE When You reserve Your seat at Work On Your Game LIVE Today! 

EVERYTHING You Get When You reserve your seat Today...

 Your Seat at Work On Your Game LIVE
BONUS 10 Things To STOP Doing In Your Life
BONUS 5 Rules I'd Give Myself 20 Years Ago
BONUS How To Pace Yourself When Pursuing Goals
BONUS Manage Frustrations & Direct Your Energy
BONUS How To Know When Your Work Is Working
($19,997 Value)($97 Value)
($97 Value)
($97 Value)
($97 Value)
($97 Value)

Total Value: $20,482

 Your Spot At Work On Your Game LIVE In Miami ($19,997 Value)
BONUS 10 Things To STOP Doing In Your Life ($97 Value)
BONUS 5 Rules I'd Give Myself 20 Years Ago ($97 Value)
BONUS How To Pace Yourself When Pursuing Goals ($97 Value)
BONUS Managing Frustrations And Direct Energy Strategically ($97 Value)
[BONUS] How To Know When Your Work Is Working ($97 Value)

99% discount!!!

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FAQ: All questions answered... 

When & where is Work On Your Game LIVE taking place?
Work On Your Game LIVE will be held on Friday and Saturday, February 3-4, 2023 in Miami, FL.
How much is a ticket?
Get in and secure your seat for $1 (pay the rest at $97 / month for 13 months). Or pay 4 payments of $297, or pay in full for $997. 
Do you have group rates, or 2-for-1 discounts?
Every human who attends the event must have a ticket, and there are no discounted tickets.
Is Dre himself hosting the event and speaking?
I can't make it to Miami– can I buy a virtual / streaming ticket?
We will not be streaming the event; the only tickets are in-person. As Dre says, "Be in the room!"
I bought a ticket, but I can't make it – what can I do? Are there refunds?
All ticket sales for Work On Your Game LIVE are final. You may sell/transfer your ticket to someone else if you wish.
How many People will be at this Event?
We are being selective about who we allow into the venue; as of now, expect between 10-30 attendees. Of course, this is an estimate and is subject to change. 
Is there an age limit to attend? 
There is no age limit to attend. If you are under 18 years old, however, you must attend with your legal guardian.
Can I bring my baby/kids?
No, this Event is not appropriate for young children. 
Are you enforcing a mask policy? And do I need a vaxx / jab to attend?
From Dre: "No. And Hell No."
When does the event start and end?
Work On Your Game LIVE will start at 9 AM sharp and end at 4 PM EST both days. Times for the VIP dinners (which is an optional add-on purchase when you get your ticket) will be announced to VIP Dinner ticket holders. 
I have a logistical / travel / event question that's not covered here...
Can you tell me the exact location of the venue for me to reserve a hotel / AirBnB?
Book a room at the CitizenM Hotel – Miami World Center (there are two CitizenM locations in Miami, so be sure to choose this one!). Dre will contact you ahead of time with the exact venue location, which will be in walking distance from here. 
When should I fly in if coming from out of town?
Arrive on Thursday the 2nd, and leave on Sunday the 5th. 
What's the dress code for Work On Your Game LIVE?
Business casual and comfortable. Bring a jacket or sweater, as venues in Miami tend to be well-cooled. 
Do I need to bring anything?
Just something you like to take notes with -- phone, laptop, pen & paper (remember your charger!)
What are the parking options?
There will be paid parking (usually no more than $10 for the day) – but we suggest you rely on Uber if you need to get around! Ride sharing is aplenty in Miami and MUCH easier than driving around. 
Will meals be provided during the day?
Yes! We will provide coffee, snacks and lunch on both days. There's also a VIP Dinner on BOTH nights (additional ticket purchase required – we will offer this when you register for your ticket). 
If you don't attend the VIP dinners, you are responsible for your own dinner both nights. 

reserve your seat now...

We will save your seat to this exclusive one-day event in Miami, FL NOW!
"Dre has a great program for you, regardless of what you do, and helps you prioritize the things you ought to be focused on. Dre’s approach is honest with clear communication that’s easy to understand. He has a lot to offer for anyone who wants to make changes in their life."

- Kevin Hodges, DoD Business Owner & U.S. Military Veteran | Triangle, Virginia

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Date: February 3-4, 2023
Location: Miami, FL
Date:  February 3-4, 2023
Location:  Miami, FL