what's the most effective way to monetize your personal brand into a full-fledged business? 

How To Get proven business formulas For Your Brand that Create A Full-Time Income... so you can STOP Spinning Your Wheels (and not Be In The Same Spot next Year)

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May 5-6, 2022

Question: How Long Have You Been Working On Going "Full Time" In Your Business? 

From: Dre Baldwin 

Work On Your Game Inc. 

Here's a truth I know from working with hundreds of entrepreneurs over the years: 

most entrepreneurs don't have "visions of grandeur" of being billionaires with 52 cars and 7 mansions... you just want to earn enough to pay your bills and cover your expenses – so you can do your "thing" full time and quit your job.

To that end...

how many different ideas have you tried that didn't work?
how many systems have you dabbled in? 
how many times have you felt you were almost there?

Look, I get it. When I first started, I wasn't even aware of these questions, let alone could I answer them. 

I Was FLYING BLIND and got lucky, based on 3 things...

    1. I had little competition. Nobody was doing what I was doing when I started doing it. So there was no battle for attention. (These days, it's a battle...)

    2. I served a market that had NEVER been served that way before. I was offering training online to a generation of people who'd never gone online to get training. (Now, everyone's a trainer...)

    3. I unknowingly stumbled onto the very strategy that I teach now. I started putting myself out there just to pay it forward to my audience – NOT because I planned to sell anything to them. (Good thing is, I can deconstruct strategies...)

BUT, Here's the good news for you...

     1. Circumstances forced me to become a salesperson. Because I started selling online, I've been able to look at and discern what exactly made people buy into me (even though I wasn't even planning to sell anything!)

     2. Working backwards to deconstruct a process is one of my "money skills." I'm a super-analytical thinker – which is good for you, since I like to break things down and explain how they happen...

     3. Explaining a process is another of my "money skills." ... Along with making them easy-to-understand for others – people like YOU who just want to master the basics and cover your expenses via your business. 

All the above are why the 3 main things people come to me for are... 

     • Strategy What exactly do I do?
     • Accountability How will I know it's the right thing?
     • Execution How can I stay consistent? 

Here’s The Truth: Entrepreneurship is not NEARLY as complicated as many "experts" want you to think it is.  

It's actually pretty simple when you understand some basic formulas and principles that work EVERY TIME, no matter who you are or what you sell. 

The reason so many people struggle is because they either:

1) Violate the formulas or 
2) Refuse to accept the truth of the principles.

In Other Words, They try Doing things "their way" – and when their way doesn't work, they fail ☹️

But, as I’m asked all the time, “What about all these 'influencers' and others I see doing all this creative stuff? Why can't I do the same?”

Good question. 

Here’s the answer: The creative stuff that you see from others is the "icing on the cake." 

First, you need to gather the proper ingredients and follow the recipe... JUST LIKE THEY DID (whether they know it or not). 

Do you know what that recipe entails? 

    • Strategies 
    • Principles 
    • Intentionality

Anything that you see happening over and over again, there's a system being followed (even if by accident). 

My expertise is in breaking down and explaining those systems. 

Every time I go to a conference or buy a course, I sit through all of the material, even when the material sucks. 

What I'm always trying to learn (especially when it sucks): How did this person make the sale? 

here's the big idea: entrepreneurship is not about "doing the thing" – it's about SELLING the thing. if you can't sell, it doesn't matter what you do

Entrepreneurship is about creating exchanges with willing clients and customers. 

Think about it: When you say you want to step up the performance of your business, what are you REALLY saying? 

It's not that you want to get better at giving speeches, hosting coaching calls or selling books (though that would help)... 

You want to get better at SELLING your speeches, coaching and books. THAT'S how you generate revenue. 

Am I right? Do you agree?

(... And that's just the first sale – as your best customers are those who've already bought from you before...)

This is why you need to understand the principles and follow the strategies that generate the EXCHANGES (aka sales). 

This is the essence of making your business "work". The key is understanding the pieces that make the sale not just possible, but PREDICTABLE and CONSISTENT

    • lead Generation
    • Clear target customer
    • giving them what they Want 

if your business isn't quite "working" the way you want it to work, it's because you are operating by inaccurate formulas. 

Good news: these problems can ALL be solved very easily...

We'll do that at my Work On Your Game LIVE Virtual Event on May 5-6, 2022

...There I’ll be breaking down the STRATEGIES, SYSTEMS and FORMULAS that produce what you actually want: Specifically-targeted clients who willingly exchange their money for your offers (and WANT to do it again)

this is what allows you to "do your business" full time:

    • Understand what business you're in
    • Answer the "What do you do?" Question
    • Identify your IDEAL target client (HINT: It's NOT "everybody"!!) 
    • Develop a framework to systematize your expertise 
    • Charge the prices you really want – and GET it

I’m teaching 100% of the event, and if you know my work (15,000+ pieces of content since 2005; a daily solo podcast with over 2,145 episodes) you know that I hold nothing back. 

You Want to go full time in your business – which means you need to "go pro" with how you operate. come and learn the formulas and systems that eliminate guesswork and can be used over and over again to get you paid.

Work On Your Game LIVE:

For Thought Leaders & Personal Brand Owners

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May 5-6, 2022
  • Work On Your Game LIVE will help you State Your Prices With Confidence…
  • Work On Your Game LIVE will help you Identify Your Ideal Clients…
  • Work On Your Game LIVE will help you Charge What You're Truly Worth…
  • Work On Your Game LIVE will help you Put Strategies And Systems To Work...
  • Work On Your Game LIVE will help you Pay 100% Of Your Bills From Your Business...

Work On Your Game LIVE agenda... 

 day 1: 
mindset & Strategy

The Essence Of "Entrepreneurship"

It's about more than just being your own boss and making your own schedule – learn what owning your Thought Leadership business is really about – which means you'll be following formulas that work.

What Business You're REALLY In

Too many entrepreneurs think they're in one business when they're really in another business. Understand what your true job is so you can focus your efforts properly – which means finally getting the results you deserve. 

Attracting Your IDEAL Client

Contrary to what you've heard, your answer to the "What Do You Do?" question doesn't have to be super-clever or tricky. There's a simple format that makes it easy to answer – I'll be sharing it so you know exactly who you're serving and how you help them. 

Understanding (And Selling) Your "Avatar"

I'll walk you through a process for you to know who you're here to help so you can focus on a specific person and give them what they want – which means no more "missing" with your products and launches. 

The Sale$ Workshop

You're not here to serve "everyone" – and trying to do this will be the death of your business. This exercise will help you understand who your ideal client is – AND exactly what to offer them. 

Framework Focus: Organizing Your Intellectual Property

If you've ever felt unorganized, or as if you had a lot of knowledge but no structure to it – you're probably right! You'll learn how to organize and simplify your knowledge in a way that makes it easy for anyone to know what you offer and what they'll get from it. 

The "Dream 100" And How to Networking Profitably

YES – there is a process to networking, and it's NOT indiscriminately giving your time to anyone who asks for it. Learn how Dre networks strategically and in a way that get you paid for your time. 

Getting Your Ego The Hell Out Of The Way!

While this is your business, we need to get your feelings and emotions out of the way – learn how to stop taking every business outcome personally so you can move quickly and get what you're here for: RESULTS. 

 day 2: 
Application & execution

Creating Irresistible Offers

I know, I know – you have a book, a speech, some event you want to put on... these items alone are HARD to sell! Learn how to put irresistible energy into your products and services so people will be excited to buy them – which means they get what they need from you (AND you make more money)

Clean Copywriting That CONVERTS 

There's both an art and a science to how you talk about your work and your offerings – learn how to master it so you can grab people's attention which means building the audience that will finance your business. 

Prolific Publishing: The Key To Your Future

"Leadership" means being out in front. Here, you'll learn why producing steady amounts of content is essential to attracting new clients – and how to do so in a way that's consistent without killing you (especially if you aren't full time yet). 

The "Name Your Price" System

Money... Isn't that why we're here? Let's talk about it then. With this, you will learn how to DECIDE what price you want for your offerings AND how to get it every time – even if you've always had a hard time charging "high" prices.

Human Capital: Who To Go Get and  What To Develop 

Here, we will discuss principles of wealth and the intangible tools that make tangible results possible – which means you'll be creating opportunity and money any time you want to, from anywhere. 

When Do You Work For Free?

While you are in business, there is a strategy to turning "free" into "paid" – Dre will explain when to use free, when to trade time for money and how to create time leverage in your business. 

Crushing With Codification

The master key to Thought Leadership: taking what's in your mind and transferring it into the heads of your audience. Learn how to systematize what you know, which means the ultimate leverage for your business. 

The 3 Levels Of Money Making

Learn the 3 levels of money-making, how your positioning determines which level you exist in, and how to get to the highest level as quickly as possible.

The Delegation Decision

While you may start off doing it all by yourself, you'll eventually be ready to pass some tasks off to others to free your time and energy for higher-value work. Learn the key delegation principles that will help you to know when and what to delegate so you can strategically level-up in business. 

If you Need to cover your living expenses, be positioned to quit your job and "do your own thing" full-time – and STOP spinning your wheels with strategies that don't work, then you need to be at this virtual event... 

Work On Your Game LIVE! 

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2 full days with Dre Baldwin...

This is a LIVE virtual event that is 100% live-streamed (with post-event replay available for 72 hours).  Show up ready to take notes, get your questions answered, and bring your business to where it needs to be! If you have questions, see the FAQ at the bottom of this page. 

When You attend this breakthrough, 2-Day event... Here Are A Few Of The Secrets You'll Discover...

  • What It REALLY Means To Be An Entrepreneur [Day 1]
  • Understanding What Business You're Actually In (And Why It's NOT What You Think) [Day 1]
  • The Quick, Easy and Intrigue-Building Way To Answer The "What Do You Do?" Question [Day 1]
  • Understanding The Value Of A Clearly-Defined Avatar (And How To Use It) [Day 1]
  • How To Know EXACTLY What Your BEST Customers Want To Buy From You [Day 1]
  • The Key Question That Tells You What Product To Create Next [Day 1]
  • How To Build Your Audience By Kicking People OUT Of It [Day 1]
  • Separating Your Ego From Your Business [Day 1]
  • How To Make More Sales (And More MONEY With Each Sale) [Day 2]
  • The Most Important Skill To Master For More Online & Offline Sales [Day 2]
  • How Much You Should Publish To Build Momentum For Your Brand [Day 2]
  • Charging The Prices You Actually WANT – And Have People Willing To Pay [Day 2]
  • When, Where And How To Delegate [Day 2]
  • Working For FREE? When To Do It – And When NOT To [Day 2]
  • How To Systematically Turn Your Knowledge & Experiences Into Products & Services [Day 2]
  • Understand the ONLY 3 Ways To Make Money [Day 2]

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This is a LIVE virtual event that is 100% live-streamed (with post-event replay available for 72 hours). Show up ready to take notes, get your questions answered, and bring your business to where it needs to be! 

Questions? See the FAQ at the bottom of this page. 

What Are Others Already Saying About Dre Baldwin & Work On Your Game LIVE?

as I've told you, i have served people in all different industries over the last 17+ years... 


corporate & entrepreneur...

business operator...


real estate...

military / business owner...

Entrepreneur Couples...

Personal development...

Coaching / speaking...

Software / coding...

D.O.D. Business Owner ...


Real Estate Entreprenuer...

Events Management...

As You Can See...

Dre Baldwin & Work On Your Game Have Already Helped Countless People Around The World...

The Question Is, Are YOU Next?

This is a LIVE virtual event that is 100% live-streamed (with post-event replay available for 72 hours). Show up ready to take notes, get your questions answered, and bring your business to where it needs to be! 
If you have questions, see the FAQ on this page where we answer everything. 

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The next bonus, is my simple framework for what you MUST do to be consistent while still performing at a high level; which means you'll finally be performing to your full potential

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And last, we have to make sure that you have the Mental Toughness to keep pushing for success even when things are not working in your favor -- because professional life is not all fun & games. 

This presentation will show you how to develop the mentality that you really NEED and WANT -- ESPECIALLY WHEN things are going "left" in life.

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Bonus #5 - How To Know When Your Work Is Working

"how to measure your work and know what to do more (and less) of!"

Total Value: $97.00

And an added bonus... you never want to use resources on something that isn't  going to produce a return. Time goes quickly and doesn't wait for you to figure it out -- life simply moves on without you. You need to make sure you're doing the right work NOW. 

With this, you will know exactly how to measure what you're doing to see if it's worth the effort TODAY -- which means your time and energy use is optimized. 

Get This For FREE When You reserve Your seat at Work On Your Game LIVE Today! 

This is a LIVE Virtual event (100% streamed Online). 
I'll be teaching for the whole day, sharing a lot of game (of course) and will be giving you a lot of materials to take with you. All I ask is that you show up ready to take your business to where it needs to be!
If you have questions, see the FAQ below where we answer everything. 
Oh, and in case you're wondering...

Time Is Of The Essence...

Here's why...

I'm keeping this event intimate enough that I can give personal attention to attendees who need it. .. so I won't let "everyone" buy a ticket.  I have an idea of how many people I want to  serve, and when those spots are gone... well, they're gone!  

If this page is still here, then the offer is live. But I reserve the right to pull it down at any time and that's it – no more registrations will be accepted. 

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 Your Spot At Work On Your Game LIVE In Miami ($4,997 Value)
BONUS 10 Things To STOP Doing In Your Life ($97 Value)
BONUS 5 Rules I'd Give Myself 20 Years Ago ($97 Value)
BONUS How To Pace Yourself When Pursuing Goals ($97 Value)
BONUS Managing Frustrations And Direct Energy Strategically ($97 Value)
[BONUS] How To Know When Your Work Is Working ($97 Value)

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Frequently Asked Questions

When & where is Work On Your Game LIVE taking place?
Work On Your Game LIVE will be held on Thursday and Friday May 5-6, 2022 VIRTUALLY (You attend online from anywhere with an internet connection!)
Who specifically is this event for?
This event is made for the Thought Leaders and Personal Brand Builders – people who offer books, coaching, speaking, consulting, etc. – and market their business through various forms of content, advertising and media appearances (online & offline), and those who want to do these things. 
What's Dre's qualification to be teaching this? 
Dre Baldwin has been publishing since 2005 and selling products online since 2009. He's done 4 TEDxTalks and written 31 books (traditionally and self-published). Most importantly, Dre has been a full-time entrepreneur since he stopped playing professional basketball in 2015. 

Dre's content has reached over 80 million people worldwide and his current audience is over 205,066 people. 
How much is a ticket?
$297 USD each.
Will Dre himself be speaking?
Can I invite a friend to watch with me?
Every attendee must have purchased a ticket; anyone without a ticket will not be allowed into the room. 
Do you have group rates, or 2-for-1 discounts?
Every human who attends the event must have a ticket, and there are no discounted tickets.
I'm a member of one of Dre's other programs. Do I still need a ticket to attend? 
Yes – every attendee must purchase a ticket. 
When does the event start and end?
Work On Your Game LIVE will start at 10 AM sharp and end at 4 PM EST both days. We will have a 45-minute lunch break and a 15-minute "stretch" break in both the morning and afternoon. 
What do I need to have to attend Work On Your Game LIVE?
An internet connection that can stream live video. You can do this on a phone or tablet, but we strongly suggest using a laptop or desktop computer so you can sit in one spot and take notes. 
I bought a ticket, but I can't be online for the full 2 days – what can I do? Are there refunds?
All ticket sales for Work On Your Game LIVE are final. You can catch the replays of everything from both days for 72 hours at the end of each day.
Is there an option to come to Miami and learn in person?
No, this event is 100% online. 

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