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16 years in personal and professional development has shown me what you really want to do:

     • be proud of who you see in the mirror
     • make maximum use of your resources
     • inspire others with your own energy
     • communicate with impact
     • connect with anyone, anywhere, anytime

my message has changed the lives of tens of millions of people across the world...

From: Dre Baldwin 

Miami, FL

Are you looking for a way to Be proud of who you see in the mirror?

Do you want to Make maximum use of your resources So you can stop feeling like you've wasted time and energy on things that don't matter?

Would you like to Connect with anyone, anywhere, anytime So you can build a network and high-quality people who can help you achieve more than you could ever achieve by yourself?

There is a big difference between having goals & plans...

and knowing that you're actually making them real on a daily basis (wouldn't you agree?).

As the founder and CEO of Work On Your Game Inc., I have been able to see and hear the personal & professional growth challenges of millions of people, to learn what's working and what's not working. 

In analyzing the more than 3 million comments, emails, snaps and DMs I've received over the years from people like you...

I've been trying to find a pattern of what made some people successful, while others failed. 

As you can imagine, this was NOT a quick or easy process. 

I had some theories, and a lot of them ended up leading me to "dead ends..."

But then something cool happened... 

As I've read and replied to over 3 MILLION comments, emails and DMs over the past 16 years, a Set Of Patterns Emerged...

And what we found shocked me! I've found that most people's success had almost NOTHING to do with:
  • How "motivated" they were on a daily basis
  • The opportunity that was handed to them by others (or that they came across by luck & good timing)
  • What "hype-up" slogans and quotes they memorized or posted on their mirrors and walls
  • ​How much information they had access to at any given time 
  • ​Their chosen line of work or business  
Rather, it had everything to do with your ability to:
  • Leverage the resources that you – and ALL of us – always have at our disposal... 
  • ​Communicate clearly with yourself and with others to be heard and to get your point across...
  • Understand the REAL keys to self-confidence and getting people to follow your lead... 
  • How well you can inspire people (including yourself) to ACTION...
  • Like and trust who you see in the mirror... 
  • ​Understand and utilize your most valuable assets to make the most of your time, money, attention, energy and focus... 

I turn people into personal "success machines" via working on Yourself, Which leads to action that creates results... 

And now it's time i show YOU how to fulfill the promise of your talent & potential.

Many people get nervous when we talk this personal development stuff because they don't think they can fundamentally change who they are. 

"I am who I am!"
For those who are thinking that, I want to remind you that you created the person you are now -- which means you can change it just the same – and do so ON PURPOSE. 

By taking control of your associations and influences in a way that changes your thoughts, you are able to guide your thoughts and actions, leading to the results that you're looking for. 

Think About Every video, article or podcast of mine That You Have Ever Seen... I Am Always explaining the mentality behind everything:

Think about every successful person you know or know of, and ask yourself... 
  • Who controls how this person THINKS?
  • Who has to SHOW UP and do the WORK? 
  • Who has access to, and full control over, the ALLOCATION OF RESOURCES in this person's life?
  • Then who has to COMMUNICATE who they are to the world and get the world to LISTEN? 
  • ​And who gets the recognition when everything starts working? 
YES! In every case of success, it is YOU who has control over the thoughts, must do the work, show up and share yourself with the world! 

I believe that reaching your potential and maximizing on your talent is a calling -- but you must ANSWER the CALL!! 

You’re on this page because you've been called to share your "Game" with the people who need to experience your gifts. 

People are attracted to you as a solution to their problems. 

By maximizing your own GAME and activating yourself to share it, you can guide people to what they need, giving them the results they are looking for. 

This is how you change the lives of others, AND grow your name and career at the same time.

Many people think that success is some random lottery, and don’t understand that the DECISION to live up to their potential is the key to actually getting ahead. 

Your story, WHY you are who you are, and WHY you do what you do are what initially get people interested in you – and what makes them stay with you over time.

I spent 10+ years taking everything we learned helping people with their Mental Game, and broke down what I found into a two-day event that will help you to turn your potential and Game into real life results – for you and others! 

Work On Your Game LIVE:

personal leadership & communication

miami, FL january 21-22
  • Work On Your Game LIVE will help you Be Proud Of Who You See In The Mirror…
  • Work On Your Game LIVE will help you Make Maximum Use Of Your Resources…
  • Work On Your Game LIVE will help you Inspire Others With Your Own Energy…
  • Work On Your Game LIVE will help you Communicate With Impact...
  • Work On Your Game LIVE will help you Connect With Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime...

Work On Your Game LIVE  agenda... 

 day 1: 
personal leadership

Understand The 5 Forms Of Investment And How To Use Each

Make the most of your resources (regardless of how much you have of each) and create more for yourself and that means you multiply the value of your life by using what you have in a different way

Learn To Condition Your Mindset For Life (and Keep It Sharp)

Be the ideal version of yourself all the time – not just when everything is working in your favor which means you can say goodbye to the up-and-down energy & activation that most people suffer from their entire lives

Master The Third Day And Deliver Your BEST Work 

Make hard work look – and feel – easy which means you breeze through the stuff that causes most people to slow down

Develop The Characteristics Of “Level 10” People

Understand and internalize the attributes that make you a top-level connection for others which means you can leverage the Law Of Association to strengthen your circle

Standards: The Enemy Of Mediocrity

You will learn to set benchmarks and expectations for yourself and your associations so you are never slipping towards average – which means your "average" is better than most people's "best"

Learn The 14 Key Principles Of Leadership (And Measure Yourself On Them)

Know how top businesses and leaders measure leadership, so you can measure yourself and know where you may need to improve

Know What People WANT From Their Bosses And Leaders

Learn the REAL needs of the people who will follow you so you can lead powerfully and inspire others to be who they need to be

Master Your Internal & External "Posture"

Build confidence in yourself and get others to follow your lead just by your energy – which means creating a cycle of expectations, actions and results that is a self-fulfilling prophecy

Learn The 8 Types of People You Want To Have Around You

Achieve more through the right relationships than you ever could on your own – so you can combine your hard with with the right connections and double your results in half the time

How “Current You” Becomes “Future You”

Have a plan for taking today's You and molding the You of tomorrow so you are always progressing – which means you're never stagnating or wasting time in your life, ever again 

 day 2: 

Learn The 6 Essential Tools For Public Speaking 

Make a serious impact when speaking to a group as you demonstrate your expertise and your ability to help your audience – which means every group you speak to will want more from you

Avoid The 7 Biggest Communication Mistakes 

Know the biggest errors you may be committing in conversation and how to fix them – so you'll be setting yourself up for smoother & better engagement

The Keys to Continually Improve Your Communication Skill

You'll learn simple methods for continually improving your communication ability that will ensure you keep "sharpening your sword" 

Non-Verbal Communication Game

Understand and internalize the elements that make up 90% of communication (it's NOT the words you say!) – which means you will have people in agreement with you before you say a single word

Navigating "Politics" In Any Environment

Learn how to move and thrive in environments where you have delicate relationships to manage. You'll learn how to not offend the wrong person and get people's buy-in and respect – which means "playing the game" in a way that actually works. 

The 3 Vital Communication Methods To Master

There are 3 – and only 3 – ways you'll need to get your game out into the world. You'll learn what each one is, and how to sharpen your skill at each. 

How Your Speaking Is Evaluated

From years of experience as a keynote and business conference speaker, Dre shares how your work on stage is measured – and we deconstruct what it means so you can be ready to deliver exactly what's needed, every time 

Codification Of Your Knowledge

The master key to Thought Leadership: taking what's in your mind and transferring it into the heads of your audience. Learn how to systematize what you know so you can leverage it for business

Speaking Languages Within The Language 

Not every human is the same – so why would we talk to everyone the same? Learn how to speak the "dialects" within the language so you can better connect with people on their level – which means bettering your chances of getting what you want out of the interaction

The ONLY 3 Ways To Make Money

What does this have to do with communication? Actually making money is ALL about communication – and you will learn the 3 levels of money-making and how your communication skills determine which level you inhabit.

 day 2 guest speaker: 
anna dolce

communicating with empathy

Anna Dolce is a life and business strategist, hospitality expert, writer and keynote speaker. 

Anna has observed that the biggest missing piece in hospitality industry is in fact, hospitalityToday, leveraging her background in show business, hospitality and entrepreneurship, Anna helps entrepreneurs, business executives, prominent artists and elite athletes solve their most complex challenges and achieve their most ambitious goals.  

Anna has spoken on the TEDx stage and done freelance writing for multiple publications.

Anna believes everything is a matter of heart, especially business.

Clients and colleagues describe Anna as a “business badass, truth teller, edgy but full of grace, outspoken, loving and always inspired”.

If you yearn to Be A Leader and Communicate Smoothly and never Be Ignored or Fumble Your Speech, then you need to be in the room at 

Work On Your Game LIVE in Miami! 

reserve your seat...

2 full days in miami, Florida with 
Dre Baldwin...

This is a LIVE in-person event (no live-streaming).  Show up ready to take your game to where it deserves to be! If you have questions, see the FAQ on this page where we answer everything. 

When You attend this breakthrough, life-changing event... Here Are A Few Of The Secrets You'll Discover...

  • Identify The Right Types Of People To Keep Around You [Day 1]
  • Straighten Up Your Physical & Mental "Posture" [Day 1]
  • Be The Boss/Leader That People Want To Follow [Day 1]
  • The 14 Principles Of Leadership [Day 1]
  • Become A "Level 10" Person And Get "Level 10" People Around You [Day 1]
  • How To Deliver Your BEST Performance As A Habit [Day 1]
  • What To Do With The First & Last 10 Minutes Of Your Day [Day 1]
  • ​The Aspects Of Your Life That Are MORE Important Than Money [Day 1]
  • How Empathetic Listening Improves Your Communication [Day 2]
  • Master Public Speaking [Day 2]
  • Turn Your Knowledge Into Sellable Material [Day 2]
  • Connect With Anyone, Anywhere You Go [Day 2]
  • Understanding The Value Of Non-Verbal Communication [Day 2]
  • Identify Your 7 Biggest Communication Skills [Day 2]
  • Have A Plan For Continual Communication Improvement [Day 2]
  • Know How Your Audience Evaluates What You Say [Day 2]

Reserve your seat...

I want yOU at my 2-Day LIVE event in miami!

This is a LIVE in-person event (no livestreaming). I'll be teaching for the whole day, sharing a lot of game (of course) and will be giving you a lot of materials to take home with you. All I ask is that you show up ready to take you game to where it deserves to be! If you have questions, see the FAQ on this page where we answer everything. 

What Are Others Already Saying About Dre Baldwin & Work On Your Game LIVE?

as I've told you, i have served people in all different industries over the last 16 years... 


corporate & entrepreneur...

business operator...


real estate...

military / business owner...

Entrepreneur Couples...

Personal development...

Coaching / speaking...

Software / coding...

D.O.D. Business Owner ...


Real Estate Entreprenuer...

Events Management...

As You Can See...

Dre Baldwin & Work On Your Game Have Already Helped Countless People Around The World...

The Question Is, Are YOU Next?

This is a LIVE in-person event (no livestreaming). I'll be teaching for two whole days, sharing a lot of game (of course) and will be giving you a lot of materials to take home with you. All I ask is that you show up ready to take you game to where it deserves to be! 
If you have questions, see the FAQ on this page where we answer everything. 

Location: Miami, FL

average january temperatures: 74º / 63º F

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Bonus #1 - 10 Things To STOP Doing In Your Life

"How To get stop wasting your time on things that simply don't work!"

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When you get your seat at Work On Your Game LIVE, I’m going to give you bonus training that you can start consuming now, ahead of the event. 

The first bonus is a 30 minute MasterClass I made for a large audience of talented people like you who need to eliminate some bad habits that are holding you back – with this, you'll know what they are and why.

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So this MasterClass explains several tips and tricks I wish someone had put me onto years ago. So you will be way ahead of the curve (and ahead of most people).

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Bonus #3 - How To Pace Yourself When Pursuing Goals

"How To have guaranteed long-term success!"

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The next bonus, is my simple framework for what you MUST do to be consistent while still performing at a high level; which means you'll finally be performing to your full potential

I know that's what you want because you're here. This exclusive MasterClass lays it all out for you. 

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Bonus #4 - How To Manage Your Frustrations And Direct Your Energy Strategically

"how to take roadblocks in stride & keep going!"

Total Value: $97.00

And last, we have to make sure that you have the Mental Toughness to keep pushing for success even when things are not working in your favor -- because professional life is not all fun & games. 

This presentation will show you how to develop the mentality that you really NEED and WANT -- ESPECIALLY WHEN things are going "left" in life.

Get This For FREE When You Reserve Your Seat At Work On Your Game LIVE Today! 

Bonus #5 - How To Know When Your Work Is Working

"how to measure your work and know what to do more (and less) of!"

Total Value: $97.00

And an added bonus... you never want to use resources on something that isn't  going to produce a return. Time goes quickly and doesn't wait for you to figure it out -- life simply moves on without you. You need to make sure you're doing the right work NOW. 

With this, you will know exactly how to measure what you're doing to see if it's worth the effort TODAY -- which means your time and energy use is optimized. 

Get This For FREE When You reserve Your seat at Work On Your Game LIVE Today! 

This is a LIVE in-person event (no livestreaming). 
I'll be teaching for the whole day, sharing a lot of game (of course) and will be giving you a lot of materials to take home with you. All I ask is that you show up ready to take you game to where it deserves to be!
If you have questions, see the FAQ below where we answer everything. 
Oh, and in case you're wondering...

"Can i speak to someone before i buy a ticket?"

yes! meet charlene eaton, Work On Your Game LIVE event manager

Charlene is CEO of Solopreneur Events, where she helps people like Dre put on their events. Charlene is your go-to person for every question event-related, from tickets to travel to hotels and everything in between (you will book your own travel & hotel; Charlene will help guide you)

Time Is Of The Essence...

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We can't fit everyone into the venue, so when the seats are gone... well, they're gone!  

If this page is still here, then the offer is live. But I reserve the right to pull it down at any time.

Let Me Show You EVERYTHING You Get When You reserve your seat Today!

 Seat at Work On Your Game LIVE in Miami
 10 Things To STOP Doing In Your Life
 5 Rules I'd Give Myself 20 Years Ago
 How To Pace Yourself When Pursuing Goals
 Managing Frustrations And Direct Energy Strategically
 How To Know When Your Work Is Working
Networking with Other event attendees
($4,997 Value)($97 Value)
($97 Value)
($97 Value)
($97 Value)
($97 Value)

Total Value: $5,482+

 Seat At Work On Your Game LIVE In Miami ($4,997 Value)
 10 Things To STOP Doing In Your Life ($97 Value)
 5 Rules I'd Give Myself 20 Years Ago ($97 Value)
 How To Pace Yourself When Pursuing Goals ($97 Value)
 Managing Frustrations And Direct Energy Strategically ($97 Value)
 [BONUS] How To Know When Your Work Is Working ($97 Value)
Networking With Other Event Attendees (Priceless)

This Is live, in-person event with limited space, So reserve Your seat Now Before They're All Gone...

Frequently Asked Questions

When & where is Work On Your Game LIVE taking place?
Work On Your Game LIVE will be held on Friday and Saturday, January 21-22, 2022 in Miami, FL.
How much is a ticket?
$1,797 USD each.
Do you have group rates, or 2-for-1 discounts?
Every human who attends the event must have a ticket, and there are no discounted tickets.
Will Dre himself be speaking?
I can't make it to Miami– can I buy a virtual / streaming ticket?
We will not be streaming the event; the only tickets are in-person. As Dre says, "Be in the room!"
I bought a ticket, but I can't make it – what can I do? Are there refunds?
All ticket sales for Work On Your Game LIVE are final. You may sell/transfer your ticket to someone else if you wish.
How many People will be at this Event?
We are being selective about who we allow into the venue; as of now, expect between 10-30 attendees. Of course, this is an estimate and is subject to change. 
Is there an age limit to attend? 
There is no age limit to attend. If you are under 18 years old, however, you must attend with your legal guardian.
Can I bring my baby/kids?
No, this Event is not appropriate for young children. 
What COVID protocols will be in place?
We will follow the State and venue guidelines and regulations at the time of the event. More information will be provided as appropriate.
Are you going to be enforcing a mask policy? And do I need a Vaccine to attend?
No. And Hell No. 
When does the event start and end?
Work On Your Game LIVE will start at 9 AM sharp and end at 4 PM EST both days. The VIP dinner (separate purchase) will begin at 6PM on Saturday. 
I have a logistical / travel / event question that's not covered here...
Great! Get on a call with Event Manager Charlene by clicking here.
Where can I stay if coming from out of town?
Lodging options TBD; Charlene can help you with this also. 
What's the dress code for Work On Your Game LIVE?
Business casual and comfortable. Bring a jacket in case the venue is on the cooler side.
Do I need to bring anything?
Just something you like to take notes with -- phone, laptop, pen & paper (remember your charger!)
Will it be cold in the venue?
Miami has a warm & humid climate, and AC is often cranked up in event venues. Bring a sweater or light jacket just in case it gets cool. 
Does the event venue have free parking?
There is paid parking that you can use the Pay-by-Phone app for (usually $3.25/hour). Most attendees walk or Uber to the venue. 
Will meals be provided with my Event ticket?
Yes! We will provide, food, beverages and coffee in the room during the event. There will also be a VIP Dinner on the second night (additional ticket purchase required). 
You are responsible for your own meals outside of the hours of the event. 

reserve your seat now...

We will save your seat to this exclusive one-day event in Miami, FL NOW!
Date: January 21-22, 2022 
Location: Miami, FL
Date:  January 21-22 
Location:  Miami, FL